Day 5

I took an early morning walk around the property before breakfast and met some of the neighbours.

Wallabies feed more at dusk so I only saw a few but I was surprised to see two small, black wild boar cut in front of me on the path to the creek. I had no idea there were any on the island. I took a photo but they were too fast and it’s not good.

A magnificent Rooster whose name I have yet to learn, came over expecting to be fed and was visibly disgusted that I didn’t have anything for him. We keep a container in the kitchen for them and I forgot it.  He gave me deadly look and swaggered off. The chooks are free to wander about because there are no foxes on the island. I have seen a couple of feral cats as I’ve been driving but I don’t think they’re a big problem.


Arwen and Wolfgang are camping at the moment so I have the whole place to myself. I bought some supplies yesterday, including bacon from Flinders Island Meats (I considered the various cuts of wallaby and decided that maybe I’d try it later) so, making myself at home in the communal kitchen, I cooked up a big breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. I don’t know where the bacon comes from but OH MY GOD!

I found a pretty spot in the sun and was soon descended on by little blue fairy wrens with the sweetest twittery little song. I kid you not. I swear it was like being in a freaking Disney movie. I was expecting them to start dressing me any minute and resisted the strong urge to break into song.


The rest of the day was writing and a trip into the library where I ran into Lady Mary, and to Bowmans (to see Joe on the pretext of buying a pencil) where I also ran into Lady Mary.

The library at Whitemark has a few computers with internet connectivity which is marginally stronger than I was getting on my netbook at the retreat but it’s only open a couple of days a week and during certain hours. After 4 days with no phone and 800 failed attempts to activate the Telstra prepaid phone online before losing the connection, I finally managed to get as far as the very last stage of Telstra phone activation when a message popped up saying that Telstra was ‘unable to process at this time, please try again later’ OR ‘phone this number for assistance’. Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

The technology issues are really starting to get to me. I have exchanged a couple of emails with my family at the library so they know I’m fine but my daughter is now sick and I  am stressing about all the potential disasters that could happen while I’m incommunicado. Precious writing hours are being chewed up by this problem and I need to get into that headspace, or what’s the point of being here?

On a happier note, I did some beachcombing on Fotheringate beach today as well and have christened my tired but determined little car the ‘Lady Mary’.