Final plans

Well it looks like everything is in place for the Before I Die wall on Flinders Island.

Flinders Island Community Development Officer Jana Harper has been busy organising things at her end so that everything stays on time.

A very big thankyou to Noel Warden of Flinders Island Regional Arts and local Police Sergeant Russell Judges, who are very kindly fixing the board battens to the wall on Tuesday 2nd September for us whilst I’m busy spray painting, and on Wednesday 3rd we are having an official launch.

I’m so very chuffed that Lady Mary Mactier will be doing the official ribbon cutting and writing the first comments on the wall. Lady Mary recently celebrated her 100th birthday and is a much loved, long term resident of the island.

After the ribbon cutting, the CWA are kindly hosting a “shin-dig” BBQ. The launch coincides with the opening of a gorgeous patchwork exhibition at the gallery so will be an excellent opportunity to meet everyone and soak up some famous Flinders Island art.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to get the unexpectedly enormous B.I.D. stencils into my luggage along with everything else and stay under the 15kg baggage limit for the flight across Bass Strait on, what must be the world’s smallest plane!!! ( I just hope they serve alcohol.)