Artist residency – Flinders Island

Things are gearing up as I prepare to wing my way to stunning Flinders Island, Bass st, Tasmania.

I am very fortunate to have been offered an artist residency by Mountain Seas Resort on the island from September 1 to 14. I’ll be using this time to take lots of long walks and get acquainted with the local scenery and people. I’ll be working on the m/s for my childrens book which is set on a fictitious island in Bass st, so will be taking lots of photos and chatting to people.

I’ve always had a thing for lighthouses and shipwrecks and can’t wait to visit the museum on the island. I’m sure I’ll find inspiration there for my next writing project.

As part of my residency, I’ll be doing a community project with the help of Flinders Island council’s Community Engagement Officer Jana Harper and the enthusiastic arts community. We’ll be creating and photographing a ‘Before I Die’ ( ) wall on the outside of the new art gallery. I’ll be managing the wall, noting the comments and photographing it during my stay. Members of the arts community have embraced the project and are also photographing and blogging about it. I’ll gift the comments and photographs to the community as a resource for further arts projects or possibly develop it into a chap book. I have been overwhelmed by the welcoming enthusiasm for the project locally and can’t wait to meet everyone in person ! Special thankyou to Jana Harper for all her help so far.

I’d love to share my time on the island with you so have started two Pinterest boards about both the Before I Die project and the residency and will be taking heaps of photos (although uploading them mostly after I return.)

Please ask questions, comment and tell me what you think !