Karen is a writer of literary fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been published in a wide variety of journals and anthologies, as well as publications for both adults and children. Her interest in social history and her career in social sciences inspires stories about life and complex relationships. (49 words)

Karen’s short stories have been described as ‘achingly poignant’ and a ‘beautiful masterpiece,’ shortlisting in multiple literary awards. Founder and former Director of the Shoalhaven Readers’ and Writers’ Festival, Karen lives on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.  (87 words)


  • Shortlisted – South Coast Writers Centre, Bundanon Residency, 2022.

  • Novel Opening– Headline Publishing UK (Flash 500, December 2021) –International competition judged on the literary and commercial merit of the first few chapters and synopsis of a full length novel. This is my first novel, currently in the early stages of editing (Salt Moon).

  • Australia Day Award ‘Outstanding Emerging Artist’ – Shoalhaven City (2019)


Literary award short lists

  • Storyfest

  • Launceston Tasmania Literary Award

  • Shoalhaven Literary Award 

  • Cowley Literary Award

  • Writer’s Web Literary Award

Published work:


Non Fiction

Karen’s essays and articles have appeared in: HistoriCool children’s education magazine,  Kindling Vol 1 (Writers Edit),  Museums and Galleries NSW various publications, Koori Mail,   Habitat Magazine  &  Human Rights Australia.



Karen’s short fiction has been anthologised in: Short Tales (4) by Storm Cloud publishing,   ‘Nothing is as it was’, published by Retreat West UK,   Vine Leaves literary journal,   Kindling Vol 2 (Writers Edit),   Great Ocean Quarterly &   Kids Book Review.


Short story review by Old Fashioned Paper and Ink…

“First, ‘Dear Perfect Stranger’ by Karen Morrow was my favorite fiction in the anthology. Its format is particularly unique in that the entire story is contained within a letter. Because of this, first person and second person are utilized over and over again in the story, resulting in a closeness between the character and the readers of the story. I won’t spoil the story by saying more, but know that it’s a beautiful masterpiece and well-worth it’s place in Kindling Volume II.”

Short story review by Write Note Reviews…

“Of the fiction, two stood out for me: ‘Dear Perfect Stranger’ by Karen Morrow and the tender, moving ‘Friedrich’s Goat’ by Rosalind Moran. In their own way each is a story of redemption. ‘Dear Perfect Stranger’ is a love letter to someone who is now a stranger; the line ‘Your smile cracked my heart open’ is achingly poignant.”

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